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Social Responsibility

The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Remember that rule from grade school? We do and we’re bringing it back… The companies listed on Nomads are those that champion the environment and their employees as well as steward their communities and supply chains.

Globetrot Graciously With Us.

Companies listed are either members of a third party environmental or social initiative including LEED, Rainforest Alliance, The Code, B Lab and Catalyst Kitchens or have been vetted by Nomads staff who know what they are looking for in terms of social responsibility. We’re bringing you the great ones, those that have figured out how to balance people, planet and profit and deliver a stellar product to inspire you to seek responsible services and enable companies to provide them. The benchmarks listed are those that have been identified to have a significant positive effect on employees, the environment, surrounding community and business operations.